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There comes a time when an older adult in your life decides to give up their car keys for the safety of others. So what do you do with their car? Well, you could try and sell it; just be prepared to be appalled at the lowball offers. Do something wonderful instead – donate it! The older adult in your life will not only receive a great fair market value tax deduction but they will be making quite a charitable impact in the lives of others. That should make everyone involved feel good.

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Here at Online Car Donation, we will accept all South Carolina car donations and  boat donations as well. Other modes of transportation such as trucks, motorcycles, small planes and even RV campers and trailers are great SC charity donations. We even offer free towing to make donating a car easier for you. We usually repair safe / road worthy vehicles and gift them directly to disadvantaged families without transportation. A South Carolina car donation can help them get to and from work and provides them a way to get back on their feet financially. There’s no better feeling than giving someone the tools to make their lives better. That is what charity is all about! Of course, if the SC car donation cannot be repaired for safe driving, the proceeds from selling it will be used to continue our support of worthwhile charities such as AIDS awareness, autism, leukemia and even civic projects such as the construction of school buildings or even homeless shelters. donate car South Carolina

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