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There are many options for you when choosing to donate car to charity. Car donations, RV, Truck and boat donations help save you time and money and the proceeds from your donation help individuals and non-profit organizations alike. You also receive a fair market value tax deductible receipt you can use at tax time (in many cases). Online Car Donation is the trusted place thousands of helpful individuals decide to use for their vehicle donations annually. Some important reasons are:

Did you know that many of the establishments that are setup to accept your vehicle donation are really just middlemen? What this means is that you are donating to a company that could take 20-90% of the proceeds before giving it to an actual charity, and almost always just sends your vehicle to the auction block. (You are really just donating to a company that may be nothing more than a used car dealer under the guise of charity donation.) Then the charity this middleman affiliates with, finally receives their cut of the proceeds and usually use 20-90% of their cut for their own operating costs. What this means is that only 1-10% of your car donation actually gets used to help a family in need anytime you choose one of these "Businesses"!

Is Online Car Donation a Middleman Business?
Online Car Donation uses 100% of your donation to further Giving Center EIN# 92-1162407 and the "With Causes" charitable network. Numerous families each week are able to smile for the first time in months due to the generosity of those that participate in our car donation program and there is never a middleman involved. Once again, Online Car Donation is the charity and we are only in the business of giving! Gift Program

Online Car Donation Cares!
We have been told on numerous occasions that Online Car Donation is a worthwhile, credible organization that our previous donors are proud to have supported. We have a growing list of thousands of donors that praise us with kind words and encouragement everyday. We don't stop at helping individuals and organizations with their vehicle needs only though. Through the "With Causes" charitable network we also help schools build gymnasiums, provide numerous families with housing, provide food and shelter for the homeless and make life a little more enjoyable for our many veterans.. A vehicle donation is an excellent opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people most in need!

What are the Benefits if I do Decide to donate car through Online Car Donation?
Besides the emotional satisfaction of knowing you have helped change a life, we have created an entire page to outline some of the many benefits you shall receive when you donate car with us. Benefits

Benefits of Vehicle and Car Donations Car Donation Benefits

Are you Green like us? How far are you willing to go to prove your green credentials? Make the ultimate green car gesture by recycling your car.

Car donation programs are not new, but Online Car Donation is giving motorists a greener alternative by operating online, which reduces the use of paper and other consumables, and gives drivers the chance to donate cars that need significant repair, which will be completely recycled, while others will be sold for repair and reuse.

Online Car Donation handles the entire donation process and offers a Fair Market Value Tax Deduction. A member of our team will pick up your car in a matter of days, Anywhere in the United States and Canada, completely free of charge.

Vehicle Donations can Enjoy a Fair Market Value Tax Deduction



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