Car Donation and Vehicle Donation FAQ

Online Car Donation takes the guesswork out of the whole car donation process by offering easy to understand and useful information throughout this website (sitemap). Below we have written the most common questions we have answered over the years relating to car donations. Please do not hesitate to Donate a Vehicle by phone at (888)-228-7320 or email us through our car donation contact page.

What type of vehicle can I donate to charity?

In a word: Any! donate car, trucks, boats, RVs, trailers, airplanes, motorcycles, construction equipment all accepted.
Just look above and choose the vehicle donation type and complete the form. We will then contact you to make final arrangements!

What do I need to do to donate car or vehicle to your charity?

We'd like the title to your car donation or vehicle donation.
But, if you do not have title papers call us anyway, other arrangements can be made in most instances.

Will you pick up my car donation or vehicle donation in all 50 states?

Yes! We can pick up your vehicle donation in every state (some restrictions apply). Donate Car USA

How will the car donation or vehicle donation to charity be picked up?

At the scheduled time, we will arrange the proper vehicle to tow your car, boat, truck, RV or travel trailer.

How long will it take to pick up my car donation or vehicle donation?

As soon as you contact us, we can normally pick up your vehicle donation within a few days. If you need your car donation to charity picked up sooner, we can make those arrangements.

How is the value of my car donation or vehicle donation determined?

We can refer you to IRS Publication that sets forth the manner in which the IRS requires you to determine the value of your car donation, vehicle donation or donated property. You can review this IRS publication 4303 right now.

If your car donation or vehicle donation is worth more than $5,000 you will need an appraisal for tax purposes. We can arrange to have your vehicle donation valued by an independent appraiser, most times at not cost to you, and provide you with all the necessary documentation to properly claim your tax deduction.

How can I contact Online Car Donation?

You can fill out our online car donation form or call Toll free at (888) 228-7320


To make a car donation or vehicle donation to charity, you may either donate online by completing our easy to use charitable donation form, or simply call Online Car Donation and our friendly staff will ask for some general information such as car donation or vehicle donation type, where the vehicle donation is located, etc. This will only take a few minutes.

We will then arrange a convenient date to pick up your car donation or vehicle donation.

You do not have to be home at the time of pick up of your charitable donation; however, you will need to tell our representatives where in the vehicle you plan to leave the title and the keys. We will leave you a temporary receipt showing we have picked up the car donation or vehicle donation on behalf of Online Car Donation.

Once we have received your car donation or vehicle donation and title, Online Car Donation will then provide you an IRS tax form and charitable donation receipt within 30 business days of the final disposition of your donation.

If your vehicle donation runs, you may drive it to us, and we will complete a temporary charitable donation receipt while you wait, or, as with any car donation or vehicle donation, we will tow it in at no cost to you.

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