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Online Car Donation is proud to help support a variety of causes and people in need throughout the world. Below you can read about some of the lives our car donation program has touched and programs your car donation can support. DONOR TESTIMONIALS




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My mom got the car today! It was wonderful to talk to my little brother and hear all the wonderful things about it. He is so thankful and I think it gives him hope. Thank you so much for all that you have done for my family.


A new life awaits this wonderful family thanks to our generous donors. After leaving an abusive relationship and spending time in shelters in 2 states, as Mrs. Lee put it, she bottomed out and didn't know where to turn. Fortunately a caring case worker contacted us and explained her situation and the needs of her 2 children. We immediately began our support of this family and have since helped them move into a home that was generously donated and also gifted a next to new vehicle. We look forward to hearing how their lives change for the better over the upcoming years and are proud to have been able to help put a smile on their faces.

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As you can see, this special little girl is very happy in the new vehicle her mommy just got from us. Times are tough for this mother of 3 and especially this beautiful little girl named Leslie. She was recently diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome and the 3 hour bus rides for her hospital visits made it impossible for her mother to hold a steady job and take care of all 3 children. She turned to Online Car Donation for help and it just so happened we received a perfectly working minivan donated in her area that very day. After verifying her story, we handed the keys over in less than a week! We are confident this is the helping hand this family needs.


Dear Computers with Causes and Online Car Donation,
We all see these car donation charities that claim to help, claim to even give vehicles to those in need. I contacted all of them and found nothing but excuses. They all seem so willing to take but never giving back. It was nice to finally find a real charity that was willing to help! Thank you for the beautiful car! The care you took to make sure it both looked and ran perfect was above and beyond what anyone could expect! You have given both my Son and Myself hope. I can now return to school and attend to his needs as well. Also never having to worry about losing my job because of no vehicle is nice as well. An extra thanks to your Computers with Causes project for supplying a much needed computer for my return to school also. You are all Angels! Being able to get the help we needed from a Christian Organization was also a blessing. We will never forget what a difference you have all made in our lives! God Bless you all! Cassie O. - Fresno, California

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Koinonia Foster Homes

Koinonia Family Services is a premier foster and adoption agency with over 25 years of experience with offices throughout California and Nevada. With over 80,000 children waiting for good foster and adoptive homes, the need is tremendous. With love, dedication and patience you can change not only a child's life, but yours forever. We are happy to support such a worthwhile program and help to bring hope to a new generation. Their mission is to provide the highest quality treatment foster care, adoption and family service programs available for children, youth and their families whose special needs can be met through services delivered, supervised and supported by professional agency staff. The With Causes Charitable Network commitment to make a difference in the lives of these children and the programs that support them is made possible by the generosity and care of our Donors. Your Charitable Donation can really help change the life of someone in need.

Thanks a bunch for the wheelchair.  It’s helped me so much.  Now I can really get around school.  It has all sorts of cool stuff.  If I pull a lever I can pivot my chair without moving the base.  And it’s fast!  Really zippy!  Not to mention that it reclines super far back.  It also has great back support. You must be a really nice person to give me this wheelchair.  You have never even met me before.  It takes someone with a really big heart to do that.  I think that this has shown me the true definition of kindness. If I am ever in a position like yours, I will do all I can to help people.  Thank you for showing me how it’s done. Your Friend - Eli

Eli Wheelchair

These are only a handful of lives your car donation goes to support. This section is updated regularly. Check back often!

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It can be difficult to do the right thing. We are all busy, and more often than not, time becomes more important than principle. Online Car Donation has developed a way for anyone that is looking to make a charitable donation to give online. Whether you are looking to donate car, boat, motorcycle, or anything else, you can give online with our help. For vehicle donations, you literally never have to leave your home or office. Our staff will make arrangements for your vehicle to be picked up, requiring none of your time or money. We foot bill to make sure your donation is as easy as possible. Never has it been so easy to give online! Charitable donations are something we all love to partake in. When we give online, we feel good about ourselves, and more importantly, we realize that we are doing something to change the lives of those that are much less fortunate then we are. Not only that, when we give online, we are able to keep very accurate records, which are extremely important for tax purposes, as well as personal bookkeeping reasons. Online Car Donation is the best way to give online, and has provided many people with the ability to do so. We love to discuss your options for giving online, so please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your potential donation. We are available via phone, as well as through our website's live help feature! Click here to donate car


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