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Charleston SC is a beautiful city with a lovely reputation for manners as well as philanthropy. You can be a part of this philanthropic movement by donating to various worthwhile causes in the community. Perhaps one of the best ways to make a maximum impact is through a vehicle donation. A Charleston car donation offers up not only some great financial benefits but also the opportunity to help many important community causes at the same time. With a Charleston car donation, you can receive a fair market value tax deduction which is wonderful come income tax season. In addition, you will realize more space at your home by donating a car. Of course, the real purpose for a charitable car donation is that many worthwhile causes will be supported as well. A car donation can help such Charleston charitable causes like feeding and sheltering needy families, after school programs for disadvantaged youth, beatifying the city parks and even supporting the local food bank. Here at, we screen many charitable works to ensure that your car donation will reap its maximum value philanthropically. For instance, your car may go directly to a poor family that needs transportation to pull them selves up out of welfare. A car donation could allow them to get a job to earn money to support their children. Making a Charleston car donation feels good knowing that many people are being helped through various local charities. But did you know that also accepts van donations, truck donations and even boat donations? In fact, any motorized transportation is considered, even RV campers and motorcycles. We can make sure that your donation process is smooth sailing all around. donate car Charleston

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