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Practically everyone would like to help those less fortunate and some do it through monetary donations, clothing donations or even food donations. However, have you ever thought about a car donation? An Oregon car donation is a great way to make a huge impact on many people with one simple gesture.

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Here at Online Car Donation, we will accept your Oregon car donation , truck donation. boat donations RV camper donations or even motorcycle donations. We even accept small planes and construction equipment! There are many ways to make a big splash in charity. There are two great reasons to donate. First, you receive a fair market value tax deduction on your vehicle, a value you would likely not be able to get if you tried to sell on your own. Secondly, the satisfaction of doing a great charitable deed feels really good! If your Oregon car donation is drivable, it may be used to help a family who desperately needs transportation in order to earn a livelihood and get back on their financial legs. To make things easier for you, we will tow your Oregon car donation for free, so why not do a good deed with your used car and donate it to a worthy endeavor today?

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