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Eugene, Oregon is one of the most beautiful cities in the state and certainly in the country. Surrounded by lush green trees and lovely parks, itís hard to imagine that there are plenty of charities that need the assistance of the citizens in order to survive. You can contribute to that survival with a car donation. A Eugene car donation offers you not only a great tax deduction which eases your income tax burden, but you can feel good about all of the charities that could benefit from your generosity. For instance, your charitable car donation could potentially help fund an after school sports program for disadvantaged youth or perhaps a literacy campaign to help older adults learn how to read. Here at, we make sure that your Eugene car donation will be used advantageously. For example, there are instances where your car donation will be repaired and then given straight to a needy family that is trying to climb out of poverty. Your car could mean that the parents can find and keep a job, support their family and become self-reliant. Knowing that your used car means so much is pretty awesome, isnít it? Not only do we accept your Eugene car donation here at, we also accept RV donations, truck donations and even van donations. Boats, motorcycles and other vehicles are also considered. We can help you with your car donation efficiently with no hassles. Make a difference in countless lives and donate a vehicle today!

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