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Your Alabama car donation through Online Car Donation will benefit quite a few charitable causes such as cancer, muscular dystrophy and even helping hungry families across the country. You can feel confident that the maximum value of your Alabama car donation will go to a worthwhile cause. Online Car Donation is not like some of those “other car donation” companies that spend up to 90% of your car’s value on middlemen or huge advertising costs.

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Instead of trying to sell a used car or pay to have it hauled away, donate it! You receive a significant fair market value tax deduction for your Alabama car donation which will benefit you a lot more than the paltry amount that a used car salesman will likely offer you. Plus, you can feel great about the philanthropic causes that are being supported because of your Alabama car donation. The entire process to donate a Alabama car is rather quick and painless. In about 48 hours or so, you can have your car towed free! Online Car Donation picks up your Alabama car donation so you don’t have to pay any towing fees. There is statewide pick-up available especially in such areas as Montgomery, Mobile, Decatur, Birmingham, Huntsville, Hoover, Auburn, Tuscaloosa and several other major metropolitan areas. Online Car Donation also accepts your Alabama RV donations, your boat donations and even your Alabama motorcycle donations. And rest assured, even if your car is not operational, we can still use it for fundraising purposes so that the money for it will go to worthwhile charities. In addition, when some cars are easily repairable, we will fix them up and give them to families in need.
Your Alabama car donation is easy, quick and will benefit so many people in the process.

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