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Birmingham Alabama is a diverse city with southern charm that lends itself to a variety of philanthropic causes. You can support some wonderful charitable causes too through a car donation AL. Did you know that a car donation through can make quite an impact in your community? Plus, you also reap a number of benefits too. Money is always a big motivator and it is no different when it comes to thinking philanthropically. When you make a Birmingham car donation, you will realize a fair market value tax deduction that will ease your tax burden significantly. That definitely helps doesn’t it? So how does your charitable car donation help the Birmingham community? Many programs can be funded with one AL car donation. Supporting an after school program for inner-city youth is just one project. Feeding the homeless or providing vocational school training to veterans and rehabilitated people are but a few more ways where your car donation can make a difference. At, we accept van donations and truck donations in addition to your Birmingham car donation. Other motorized modes of transportation vehicles we consider include motorcycles, RV campers and even boats! We determine the best way to maximum your charitable car donations so that you not only reap the best tax deduction possible but also help the most people as well. Look to to help you with making your first Birmingham car donation. Once you have experienced our hassle free process and see that your donation has touched many people’s lives, you will definitely want to do it again.

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