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Are you anxiously trying to clear out your driveway? Many people have junk cars on their property, or in a storage unit, and simply can't find a way to get rid of it for free. Rather than pay a junk service to come and pick it up, why not save yourself some money when tax season rolls around, and donate a junk car to Online Car Donation? The process is simple, you give us a call, and we arrange every aspect of your junk car donation. From pick-up to paperwork, junk car donations are a specialty of ours, and we are pleased to offer you a simple, quick junk car donation alternative throughout the entire nation! When you donate junk cars, it doesn't cost you a penny, and you can even deduct $500 or more towards the vehicle on your taxes! So, you end up with an empty garage, driveway or storage unit, some extra cash in your pocket when April 15th rolls around, and you get to feel the satisfaction of helping those that are less fortunate, all as a result of your junk car donation. What more could you ask for? Please give one of Online Car Donation's junk car donation specialists a call, and we will provide you with the information necessary to donate a junk car today! Within a few days, your junk car can be out of your hair for good. It's quick and painless, and we do all of the dirty work for you.

Used Car Donations And Car Dealerships - donate car Instead of Trading it with a Dealer.
We all know how car dealerships work. They give us less than what our vehicle is worth for our dealer trade in, which results in us paying more for our new car than we had expected. Often, the tax benefits that come with donating a car instead of going for a dealer trade in speak for themselves. Inevitably, the dealership is going to try to give you less than market value for your dealer trade in. Don't let it happen! Dealer trade ins usually happen because consumers view the process as very simple. With Online Car Donation's free, fast pick-up service, your old vehicle can be out of your driveway before it has the chance to become an undervalued dealer trade in. Instead of helping the dealership take more of your money, why not donate your trade in vehicle, and reap the tax rewards? Not only will you do something good for those that are less fortunate, this method can actually end up saving you money! Feel free to give us a call, and allow one of Online Car Donation's experts to explain the pros and cons of your specific situation. Our staff will be honest with you about whether or not a dealer trade in is the best financial option for your vehicle, which will allow you to make an informed decision about the fate of your old car. It only takes a few minutes, so give us a call, or contact us via the live help option!

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