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Unfortunately, every year thousands of vehicles become submerged underwater due to unforeseen circumstances. Flash floods, broken levies, hurricanes, and even poorly designed streets can cause this dreaded situation. Most states require that any vehicle that has been flooded, be labeled either "Floor Car" or "Submerged" on the title. Unfortunately some dishonest people have found loopholes in the system by titling in another state and leaving out this "small fact". They clean up the flood car and sell to buyers who think they are getting the deal of a lifetime. This can be nothing short of a nightmare for you and anyone who buys a water damaged vehicle.

Keeping in mind that in 1992, Congress passed many laws regarding the sale of flood cars, a charitable car donation will provide you a better solution than simply “junking” your submerged vehicle. It can also help you avoid some serious hassles!

As we all know, water leaves lasting damage. No one wants a car that's been soaking in water. When the electrical system gets flooded, wiring slowly corrodes. A car may run fine at first, but pretty soon the "check engine" light is going to come on, and thousands of dollars in repairs later, there's still no assurance the car will ever run properly.

Most flood damaged cars, trucks and vehicles are sent to a salvage yard. At Online Car Donation, we want your flood cars! A flood car donation of your submerged vehicle may provide invaluable assistance to automotive service training programs, private post secondary schools and many non profit charitable trade programs available for those in need of a trade. As a charitable car donation you will avoid the many hassles associated with selling a water damaged vehicle. donate car instead!

Many of the programs we support would love to be the recipient of your flood car donation. Your generous charitable donation of a flood damaged or water damaged vehicle can help you turn a hassle into a blessing for the many charitable programs supported by Online car donation. Click here for a Car Donation of your flood vehicle.

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