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Before you pull into that WV car dealership, consider this: a large percentage of people who trade in their cars do not get enough of a fair price to reduce their monthly payments on the newer model. However, if you donate a used car instead, Online Car Donation offers a fair market value tax deduction which is a significant financial benefit, something you would not attain trading in your car.

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Another great aspect of your West Virginia car donation is the number of people that could be helped charity-wise through your generosity. If the car can be repaired, it may be given to a needy family that has no transportation. Without transportation, it is very hard to find work and hold down a job. Your WV car donation could give that needy family a little more control over their own financial lives. Of course, if your West Virginia car donation isnt roadworthy, the proceeds will be used to support worthwhile causes that deal with such things as disease research and prevention as well as local civic pursuits. WV car donations are not the only motorized vehicles accepted through Online Car Donation. Also considered are boat donations, truck donations and even RV camper donations. And with free towing around the state and a quick donation process, giving to charity has never been easier.

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