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What are you going to do with that Ford Econoline van now that you bought yourself a new SUV? Here’s a hint: donate it to charity! Here at Online Car Donation, we accept Utah car donations as well as truck donations and any other motorized mode of transportation. Vans, motorcycles, RV campers and more.

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There are no drawbacks to a Utah car donation – only rewards. First of all, you realize a nice financial benefit in the form of a fair market value tax deduction. Second, there are plenty of charities who could be helped with your Utah car donation. In fact, if that car or van is road worthy or repairable, we may gift your vehicle donation straight to a needy family. Otherwise, the proceeds will go to various causes such as cancer research, AIDS awareness, education and more. Online Car Donation does not use an expensive middleman or heavily advertise. So that means that your Utah car or van donation is utilized to its maximum benefit. Other “car donation” places cannot boast that! We even offer free towing all across the state to make donating that much easier for you. Any philanthropic gestures, both big and small, help worthy charities. However, with your Utah car donation, that generous gesture translates into huge benefits for everyone and that feels really good, doesn’t it? So whether it is that old Ford Econoline van or even a tractor languishing in your barn, every little bit helps when it comes to charity.

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donate car with us! We repair most vehicles and give to needy families & charities!  Find another charity that does that!