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You know that car that is sitting on blocks taking up your driveway? You can donate it to charity! You probably had the best intentions of fixing it up and selling it for a profit, but it is a few years later so you have to face the fact that it is probably not going to happen. Call Online Car Donation instead. We will help you with the South Dakota car donation process and even tow that “project” for free!

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With your SD car donation, you get a fair market value tax deduction for your generosity as well as the satisfaction knowing that many people on the receiving end of charity will be helped. If there is hope of making a car road worthy, we fix it up and gift it to a disadvantaged family that so desperately needs transportation. Otherwise, the proceeds from the South Dakota car donation go to such philanthropic causes as cancer research AIDS awareness, homeless shelters and much more. Both local and global projects are supported. By not using middlemen in these South Dakota car donations, we can guarantee that the maximum benefit will come out of your generosity. Online Car Donation also accepts SD truck donations as well as  donations like snow plows, motorcycles, RV campers and more. If you want to clear your driveway, call Online Car Donation. You can rest assured that your South Dakota car donation or any other vehicle for that matter will be handled with efficiency. You get the satisfaction of your tax deduction and the fact that many people are being helped by your donation.

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