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Isn’t that measly offer the car dealer proposed for your used car laughable? Why put up with a lowball offer when you can get a fair market value tax deduction for your Rhode Island car donation? You can actually benefit more with a tax deduction than trying to sell your vehicle.
And best of all, you are helping to support numerous charitable causes at the same time.

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Here at Online Car Donation, we will accept any Rhode Island car donations and even truck donations. Not only that, we also accept boat donations as well as donations of motorcycles, RV campers and even construction equipment. For those vehicles that can be made road worthy, whenever possible we gift your vehicle donation straight to a needy family to make the biggest impact on someone’s life. A RI car donation or other vehicle that will not see a road again is used to support such commendable endeavors such as autism research, homeless shelters, cancer awareness and much more. We don’t waste your Rhode Island car donation on middlemen or extravagant advertising. Here at Online Car Donation, we ensure that your car donation makes the most maximum impact possible. We even offer free towing to make donating your vehicle easier! The saying “It is better to give than to receive” is definitely appropriate when it comes to your RI car donation. Yes, you do get a tax deduction but the knowledge that you are helping those less fortunate than you is particularly more rewarding. Philanthropy has never been simpler.

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