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While Denver, Colorado enjoys a diverse and contemporary lifestyle, the city also boasts quite an openhanded community. You can contribute and make a difference with the donation of a vehicle. A Denver car donation is one of the best ways to make a huge impact in the charitable community with one single gesture of goodwill. The best part about a Denver car donation is that you can earn a fair market value tax deduction which is so beneficial come income tax time. In addition, you clear out your garage or driveway too. In return of your charitable car donation, charities in the Denver area are aided in some way. For instance, some monies could go for park and community beautification or for feeding and clothing disadvantaged families. Arts programs benefit as could literacy programs or youth programs. The possibilities are endless. We ensure that virtually 100% of your Denver car donation is used charitably. We screen charities that request assistance to ensure that the donation would be spent wisely. There are even instances when your car may be given directly to a needy family who needs the assistance to break the cycle of poverty. A used car means that the head of the household could hold down a steady job to support the family. That type of aid is priceless and is such a personal way to give back to the Denver community. If you do not have a car to donate, also accepts truck donations, motorcycle donations and even RV camper donations. Boats and vans are other possibilities. We will make sure that your donation process is seamless and expedient. After all, we would love for you to donate again to your local Denver community.

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