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Have you ever wanted to donate to charity but you didn’t really have the extra money? Well, your answer could be within your own garage, barn or driveway. If you have a used car WI, it doesn’t matter if it runs or not, that you would like to get rid of, consider a car donation. You can receive a fair market value tax deduction on your Wisconsin car donation which is financially beneficial to you come tax filing time.

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Here at Online Car Donation, we use your WI car donation to truly help those in need. We do not use your car donation to pay expensive middlemen nor are there any pricey advertising campaigns to pay for. Those “other car donation” places typically use up to 90% or more of the proceeds and only pennies on the dollar end up with charity. Online Car Donation finds that appalling! If your Wisconsin car donation can be made road worthy, it may be used to help a disadvantaged family with transportation problems. A WI car donation means the world to them as they can get to work and earn a paycheck to support the family. If your Wisconsin car donation has no prayer of working again, it will be used to continue supporting various local and world charities. The best part is that Online Car Donation accepts truck donations and boat donations as well. Even motorcycles, RV campers, small planes and construction equipment are welcomed. There are actually many ways to donate! Reap the financial and emotional rewards of donating a WI car, truck or other motor vehicle today.

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