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When you want to get rid of a used car, you probably either think of selling it via the classifieds or see what you can get for a trade. Chances are though that you won’t get near what it is worth. Why bother with all that hassle when you can easily donate it to a worthwhile cause? Here at Online Car Donation, we offer a fair market value tax deduction for your Virginia car donation

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Your VA car donation will also garner the maximum benefit for charity too. If the vehicle can be repaired, many times it will be gifted to a poor family who needs transportation to find a job and work. Otherwise, the proceeds go straight to charitable causes such as muscular dystrophy, cancer awareness, homeless shelters and much more. Online Car Donation can guarantee that charities receive maximum benefit of your Virginia car donation because we bypass the middleman and don’t waste money on big advertising. In fact, free towing is even offered to make your donation experience easier. VA car donations are not the only thing accepted. Truck donations are too. If you have a boat, motorcycle, RV camper, construction equipment and even a small plane, these are welcomed as well. Get wise to the benefits of Virginia car donations. From that tax deduction to the satisfaction of helping others less fortunate, donating a vehicle is a great way to give back to the community.

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