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So, you are finally ready to part with that old family station wagon because you upgraded to a mini-van. Do you know what you can do with it? Donate car to charity! A New Jersey car donation is a great way to help support those in need and for you to enjoy a Fair Market IRS Tax Deduction.

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With a NJ car donation, you will earn a fair market value tax deduction on that old family station wagon or any other vehicle for that matter. You may not get the same value if you try to sell it on your own. As far as charities go, if your vehicle can be made road worthy, it will likely be donated to a family who desperately needs transportation in order to earn a livelihood and put food on the table.

If your New Jersey car donation cannot be made road worthy, the proceeds from the sale will go towards one of many great charitable causes such as cancer awareness, civic activities like school construction repairs, homeless shelters and much more. So not only do you reap the financial benefit of a tax deduction but you can also revel in the satisfaction of helping others in a monumental way.

Online Car Donation can handle your NJ car donation or any other motorized vehicle for that matter. Some people make truck donations while others may donate a RV or custom motorcycle. Heck you can even donate construction equipment or even donate a airplane! Free towing is available and you can expect an easy car donation process to boot.

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Online Car Donation accepts any vehicle donation throughout New Jersey - Donate to Charity!

donate car New Jersey Charity Donations NJ Donate a Vehicle to Charity



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