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Iowa car donations are one of the best ways to not only feel good about giving but also to reap some financial rewards for yourself. At Online Car Donation, we do not waste the value of your donated vehicle paying middlemen or billboard advertising. Instead, we use the proceeds of your Iowa car to help support numerous charitable causes worldwide. In addition, you realize a fair market value tax deduction come tax time. You won’t get a better deal with a trade-in that is for sure!

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Some of the worthy causes that are supported include cancer research organizations , homelessness, the construction of local school buildings and much more. We also have a waiting list of  charity organizations and families who desperately need a working vehicle to get to work or continue support of their mission. If your Iowa car donation is repairable, we will give your car donation to those on our list. If your car donation is not able to be fixed, the proceeds from it will support other worthy causes. Online Car Donation also accepts Iowa boat donations, truck donations, RVs, motorcycles and even construction equipment donations. Free towing is available across the state for your convenience and in some instances, the turnaround time for processing your Iowa car donation takes 24 hours. You can count on efficiency with Online Car Donation when you donate a Iowa car or vehicle. Plus, with the tax deduction and the knowledge that your donation will be used wisely, you are in a winning situation.

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