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Busy lives tend to lead to the need for less lost time and frustration. Therefore, if you have a car, truck or other motorized vehicle, consider donating it to a worthy cause. A Delaware car donation made through our organization Online Car Donation means that you will receive the best fair market value tax deduction which is more than likely a better monetary value than what you would get if you tried to sell it.

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Another reason why you should donate car Delaware is that the proceeds benefit many worthwhile charitable causes such as cancer, autism and community efforts such as building school structures or supporting soup kitchens. Through Online Car Donation, the maximum value of your donation is used for philanthropic purposes unlike those “other car donation” places that end up using the money for advertising and paying pricey middlemen. Your Delaware car donation can be picked up at our expense from anywhere in the state, with popular metropolitan areas being Dover, Newark, Wilmington, Georgetown and much more. With free towing and a quick car donation turn around time, your Delaware car donation is virtually seamless. Other types of vehicles are accepted as well for Delaware charity donations. Truck donations, boat donations, RV donations, motorcycles and more are accepted and truly help. If a car or truck is repairable, we fix it up and donate it directly to a family in need of transportation. Otherwise, the proceeds of your DE car donation go to support many charitable causes.

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