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Oakland car owners can donate their used car online to provide charitable aid to a variety of worthy causes in the Bay Area. OnlineCarDonation accepts any used vehicle as a charitable car donation and uses the proceeds to give back to communities in Oakland and the larger East Bay Area. For over ten years OnlineCarDonation has received literally thousands of used charity car donations, including RV's, Trailers, Trucks, Off Road Vehicles, from all across the US. If you live in Oakland and would like to donate a used car to charity, OnlineCarDonation is one of the largest and most trusted charity programs in the US. Our online car donation process is very straightforward. Fill out our easy online car donation form to donate a car you no longer wish to own, whether it runs or not! Let OnlineCarDonation help you donate a used car while benefiting one of many worthy charitable causes. Free Towing 7 Days a Week, anywhere in Oakland. Just call OnlineCarDonation Toll Free at 888-228-7320 and within days one of our highly professional staff members will arrive anywhere in Oakland per your request. One of the most important things to note when you donate a car to charity is that you are eligible to receive a tax deduction equal to the fair market value of your used car. Even if your car doesn't run you can still claim a used car donation as a tax deduction.

Oakland has always been an especially generous city when it comes to auto donations and other used vehicle charity donations. OnlineCarDonation thrives on providing charitable assistance using a community's own resources. On Oakland this system works very effectively for many reasons: Oakland is a major US city with exceptional public transit, and often car-owners want to liquidate their used car without wanted to subject themselves to the hassles of selling it in a weak market. On the other hand Oakland is also comprised of a large and condensed population with thousands of residents on the hunt for a new used car, which is the driving force behind our charitable resources. Donate a used car and the proceeds from your auto donation will be used to give back to communities from which the car was donated.

Oakland is also very unique when it comes to generating charitable revenue because it is one of the largest port cities on the West Coast. OnlineCarDonation is fully equipped with the knowledge, tools, and manpower to receive any boat donation from Oakland. The benefits are similar to car donations, only the rewards are amplified tremendously. Your tax deduction is still equal to the value of your boat or yacht, Free Pick Up 7 days a Week. Donate even if your used boat or yacht no longer runs (OnlineCarDonation has a highly proficient team of boat mechanics available on call to repair and refurbish boats in need of work). Most importantly the returns generated by a boat or yacht donation makes it easier for OnlineCarDonation to have a more significant impact in communities in need. Call us today at 888-228-7320 to find out more about why thousands of satisfied donors have chosen OnlineCarDonation.

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