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Indianapolis Indiana is a beautiful city with its share of history and culture. This city also boasts many philanthropic endeavors that greatly need your support. Have you considered an Indianapolis car donation to do your part for the community? A car donation is a great way to make a huge impact with just one generous gesture. Plus, you personally reap some great rewards as a result. The personal satisfaction you get from helping others is great. Of course, a fair market value tax deduction is a bonus and not too shabby either! Here at, we make sure that you can be comfortable and confident that the charities which receive the benefits of your Indianapolis car donation are legitimate and worthy. We do occasionally donate directly to a needy family or struggling nonprofit. Many times, the gift of a car is the only thing that can lift a family out of poverty. An Indianapolis car donation means that parents can find and hold a job. A car is the ultimate eventual freedom from public assistance. In essence, it is a hand up, not a hand out. Other noteworthy charities benefit as well and include vocational programs for veterans, tutoring and mentor programs for kids who need a positive role model, and even homeless shelters and food banks. The possibilities are endless when it comes to helping the Indianapolis community with a car donation! also accepts van donations and truck donations. Boats, motorcycles and RV campers are considered as well. Look to us when you want to make a car donation that will benefit causes worldwide. We will handle everything quickly with no hassles.

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