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Chicago Illinois may be called “the windy city,” but they city is also known for its great charitable causes. Many people want to help but may not have the expendable cash to make a straight donation. This is where a car donation comes in. If you have a used car that is not being used or you have thought about selling it, donate it to charity instead. A Chicago car donation can help quite a few charities. The great thing about a charitable car donation is that you get a few benefits such as a fair market value tax deduction. You also get your garage back too! In regards to some of the local Chicago charities that are helped by your car donation, these could include providing computers to a school lab, helping high school dropouts earn their GED, or even vocational training for veterans. In some instances, your car donation directly aids a needy family or struggling nonprofit. Here at, we screen all applicants who need a vehicle in order to lift themselves out of poverty to earn a living. You could end up making a more personal difference in several lives with your Chicago car donation. What is so great about us here at is that we also accept truck donations and even boat donations to aid local Chicago community charities. In fact, vans, RV campers and even motorcycles are accepted many times to support worthwhile causes. We will make sure that the donation process for you is quick and seamless.

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