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Good Charities With Causes

Fortunately there are more good than bad! Just do Research!

Having been in the not-for-profit world for so many years, we have learned a great deal about the many first-rate charitable organizations that exist throughout the United States and worldwide. Unfortunately the public only hears about 1% of all the positive happenings that occur on a daily basis worldwide. Because the press is convinced society only feeds off of gloom, they all seem to jump on the negative stories, which unfortunately get the most attention and usually stick in our heads. Of course we need to be informed about those organizations and individuals that lie, cheat, misappropriate and steal their way into the lives of those that are generous enough to give to charity. Knowing the salaries of well known organization CEO's so they don't go overboard is also something that needs to be more public..

Here is a quick look at some salaries of Charity Organizations many are Familiar with as of March 03, 2007:

John Seffrin - CEO - $534,619 - American Cancer Society
Richard C. Shadyac - CEO - $528,971 - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Brian A. Gallagher - CEO - $504,436 - United Way America
Jennifer Howse - President - $485,907 - March of Dimes
James E. Williams - CEO - $459,500 - Easter Seals
Dwayne Howell - CEO - $435,825 - Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Jack McGuire - CEO - $416,010 Annual Salary - American Red Cross
Robert H. Forney President, CEO $403,116 Annual Salary  - America's Second Harvest
Robin G. Mahfood - President - $306,386 - Food for The Poor
Mitch Stoller - CEO - $297,691 - Lance Armstrong Foundation

$4,372,661 in Charitable giving goes to the 10 organizations listed above.. Congratulations to them! They earn it ! ?

Susan Stone - Executive Director - $31,881 - Locks of Love
Reverend Cameron - CEO - $0 (zero salary!) - Online Car Donation ( )

What  Makes a Charity Good or Bad?

This of course can become a very debatable topic and is only our opinion, but if we just start with the basic definitions available in the dictionary of "Good" and "Bad" we should be able to get somewhere.

A Good Charity can be defined as: Serving the desired purpose of the cause. Continuously accomplishing benevolent, kind actions and worthy of the publics respect.

A Bad Charity can be defined as: Simple... The opposite of what a good charity is. To learn about the bad, go here

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