The reason Online Car Donation decided to add this Charity News Article section to our site is to archive and remember all the good and bad that charity organizations do. Unfortunately if you  do a search on most of the news related websites and search engines, stories seem to disappear after a few months.. To us though, these stories are very important in chronicling the success of great causes and also uncovering and archiving the truth behind some of the embezzlers, frauds and just plain bad people and organizations that play on the good name of charity.

Showcase Good Charity

Bring Attention to Bad Charity

Where do these Charity News Articles come from?

All of the charity related articles we decide to archive come from very well known publications and literary artists throughout the world. Most of the stories are brought to our attention by readers such as yourself with the remaining charity  news stories being found through Google and Yahoo news. Other times we go directly to the charity organizations website to gather their newsworthy information. If you would like to be a contributing author to this section with a free press release that is charity related, please feel free to contact us to discuss your stories subject and cause it supports.

*If you have a problem with a news story that was listed, please feel free to contact us to express your thoughts. Before doing so though please be aware that all communication through email with Online Car Donation and all printed materials may be used by our organization on our website to let the readers of our site know all communications that have occurred. We look forward to hearing from you!

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