Charity Gone Bad

Organizations and Bad People Play on Donors Hearts!

Hundreds of charity organizations pop up everyday throughout the world. There are thousands of causes some individual or group decided to do something about, started a charity, and now accept donations in the name of charity. You can donate to help research devastating human diseases, contribute financially to end world crisis's such as Hunger and Global Warming. Or another subject may touch your heart such as helping a Ugandan get swimming lessons so they don't drown in a lake, buy a simple net to protect 3rd world residents from Malaria or give up your weekend to help build a house even though you have never used a power screwdriver. Whatever it may be, there are many charities to choose from.

Weeding out the good from the bad can be uninspiring and downright impossible at times. You really only learn that a charity has gone bad when it becomes too late. By then you have already extended your generosity to the organization and the feelings of betrayal stick in your mind forever. Many feel so disgusted, that they tell everyone they know about their ordeal which only continues the unfortunate cycle of making people feel less giving and tarnishing the trust factor..

This unfortunately also makes it very difficult for "new charities" with good causes and no reputation to break into the charitable giving world. The bad has stuck in our societies head, spread, and many have just given up. Government restrictions and cutbacks are also hurting many non-profit community programs. It seems like society trusts the major charity organizations and billions are donated each year to these huge non-profit organizations and no one even knows where the money actually  goes. To sum it up, be careful when you  donate, but don't be too careful that you don't donate at all. There are some great causes for you to support and they truly need all the help they can get.

What  Makes Charity Bad?

Bad Charity can be defined as:  Not serving the desired purpose of the charitable cause. Rarely accomplishing benevolent, kind actions and one that uses the donations to further their personal needs. This includes organizations, businesses acting under the disguise of an actual charity organization (80% of the Car Donation Charities), and those individuals that either steal, fraud or cheat their way into the donors hearts.

You will easily be able to distinguish between the good and bad charities through the many news articles we have saved for you  to read. In other words, go form an opinion and if one of these organizations irks you, Do Something About It! Act Now in other words... Don't let them get away with their foolishness. Doing something about a Bad Charity may be the greatest personal act of humanitarianism that you accomplish in your lifetime!




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