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Nadia from Raleigh NC writes....

I was looking for a charity that would accept my car donation and had no trouble finding places that would "take" my car. Problem is, none of them could give me any idea how much I could deduct because every single one of them just sold the car and what ever they got for it is what I could deduct. That didn't fly right with me and I luckily found you guys. Your car donation program really makes the whole practice extremely simple. The reverend and I spoke in detail about your charity and I am happy that I was able to help this program. Ill always remember Online Car Donation and will definitely recommend you to all of my friends and colleagues.
I also noticed that you accept timeshare donations through your Real Estate with Causes program. So I donated my Steamboat Springs timeshare we haven't used in over 4 years. Once again, great job.

Ryan and Annabelle from Atlanta GA write...

My husband recently had surgery on his feet and unfortunately an infection occurred which makes him unable to walk anymore. Trying to balance on his boat was extremely painful and he realized it was regrettably time to part ways. We just had the twin engines replaced with a couple of Honda 130's and new electronics were outfitted less than 2 years ago. We thought it would be a piece of cake to sell his pampered Proline but the offers we were looking for never came in. A major reason was because of gas being over $3.60 a gallon on the water this summer (Enjoy your profits Exxon) but never did we think only 3 people in 4 months! I asked for any suggestions on selling our boat on a very popular boating message board site and honestly 6 out of 10 replies suggested we donate the boat to you guys. Majority rules in our book so we gave you a call to see what the deal was.. Cutting to the chase, we no longer are responsible for the boat thanks to your speedy pickup. We got our vacation voucher, tax receipt and peace of mind knowing we have helped a great charity. P.S. I hope you enjoyed the peaches and that they arrived intact! I told you a Georgia peach was better than a California peach!

Gage and Tamara from Denver CO write...

After careful consideration we chose Online Car Donation to donate our lightly used truck. We give to charity every year and after winning a brand new truck while playing slots in Vegas we knew there would be no need to keep 3 vehicles. Our accountant also gave us the facts about how much tax we would have to pay for winning the truck and by donating our old truck it could make the balance zero. He suggested we give you a call, but I wanted to contact the charity I always donate to first.. Amazingly all they accepted were financial donations and didn't have a charity car program setup. I never heard of your charity which made me a little skeptical. Then again we have never actually donated a vehicle so how would we have heard of you? I of course did some research  and your benefits and what you actually do with the vehicles stood out to me. Great service you provide! Keep it up and give my best to the Reverend!

Fabiana from Houston TX writes...

I was trying to sell my car for 2 months before I decided it was time to find another way of getting rid of it. I spoke with a few people from my church and they told me I should donate my car to charity. I never really considered this option to tell you the truth but the thought of helping someone as well as myself was intriguing. I went online and did some searching for the best charity to donate to. Needless to say, there are thousands of charities out there that would have taken our car donation but none of them stood out like you guys.
After filling out your online form I received a call 3 hours later. The reverend told me that I could receive fair market value for my car because it would be used to help people rather than just sold at auction for pennies. I also get to choose a vacation and decided we are going to take advantage of the cruise to Mexico.
I am very happy about the way my first car donation went and we are really looking forward to our first cruise. Car donations with you guys couldn't have been any easier. Thank you for making this whole process so uncomplicated! God Bless! Wonderful!

Derek from Los Angeles CA writes....

I am a car collector and learned of your organization at a recent club meeting. I of course am no Jay Leno but over the years I have accumulated over 30 cars that would each be greatly sought after if I decided to part ways with them at the Barrett Jackson auctions. That is actually where I picked up my most recent 4 vehicles which pushed my storage limit to the max. I always told my wife I wouldn't have more than 30 cars and she let me know when I hit #32. So as promised I had to decide which 2 cars to get rid of. I decided on the '60 Jaguar and my beloved '54 corvette which of course were both in showroom condition. When someone suggested I donate them to charity at the club meeting I thought they were kidding. I brought up my thoughts such as: What would a family need to drive their kids to school in a 1960 Jaguar for, or pickup some groceries in a 1954 corvette? I was then educated by a couple of the members on how your charity obviously doesn't give such collectible cars to families in need. Instead you use them to further the organizations needs through raffles and other ways which meant I would get a fair market value write-off for my 2 cars.. This made me feel much better about the idea and I called you up. I truly believe I helped your organization and chose you to donate with because I believe in what you are doing! Until the next auction!

Umberto from Staten Island NY writes....

My Harley kept breaking down and I think that my mechanic just liked to rip me off or something. I didn't want my bike anymore and donated my motorcycle to your guys.. I am sure with a little TLC from someone who knows bikes better than I do and has money to make all the final repairs, that the bike will be road ready again. Got my tax receipt, thanks. Expect a call from a couple of my friends who have some other vehicles to donate also.

Ishmael from Las Vegas NV write...

I own a construction company  as we spoke about and the trade in we were going to get for our dumper and excavator was pitiful. Selling them was nearly impossible ourselves and since it was December, we decided to donate them to a charity. Amazing that no one local wanted to handle our donation or just planned to put the equipment online for sale themselves. I am not dumb and know that my company would only be able to declare the value they sold it for and opted out of that arrangement pretty fast. When I found your organization I saw that you actually  have a category specific to construction equipment donations. I spoke with a nice gentleman and he told me how you would use the equipment for your other program that helps people with their housing needs. I was sold immediately and within a week both pieces of equipment were gone. I wish I could help more and most likely will in the future.


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