Microsoft employees gave $96 million to charity in 2010

Microsoft employees gave $96 million to charity in 2010, the company said Friday.

The campaign was the largest in the company’s history, an increase of 9.2 percent from the 2009 giving of $87.9 million. That number was close to flat from 2008, when workers gave $87.7 million.

Almost 35,000 employees contributed money in the U.S., out of 53,735 total U.S. employees.

Microsoft matches charitable donations dollar for dollar up to $12,000 per employee annually. The company also pays an hourly match for employees who volunteer their time. More than 4,000 employees volunteered 350,000 hours in 2010. The $96 million total includes the employee donations and the Microsoft matches.

The company also organized hundreds of fundraising events, including a 5K run (which raised $130,000), a national poker tournament ($260,000) and an online auction ($500,000).

This weekend the company is hosting a hackathon at the Microsoft Commons for developers who want to donate their time to help nonprofits with their web and application development needs.

The money went to 16,000 nonprofits.

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