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Here you can put together a virtual memorial place in a matter of minutes. It's a great way to pay tribute to a loved one or colleague! We've made it very simple so anyone can build a Memorial or Tribute page without any knowledge of computers. All you have to do is complete our simple form and upload some photos (optional) and our web designer will create your own Tribute or Memorial page.

A Loved One is not gone, until they are forgotten!

It is Human Nature to want the Best for Our Loved Ones

Grieving is hard. Loss hurts. Unfortunately it is part of the human journey. Wanting the best for our loved ones is human nature.
During a recent team meeting it was brought to the groups attention that someone we all knew and loved passed away. It was quite shocking and came to a surprise to everyone she knew. We thought about how we could pay tribute to such a loving, influential and devoted woman such as herself, but nothing really stood out. After the funeral service, wonderful memories were shared and an idea was brought up about creating a website to honor her. We realized what a fantastic idea this would also be for our donors and got to work creating this virtual memorial offer. To allow any donor the ability to create an eternal tribute and remembrance of your loved one.

During the funeral service, we learned that a great way to remember a loved one is through storytelling. People enjoy telling stories about their loved ones who departed this life. How they were related, moments of happiness, the great contributions they made to their families or community, even their best trick or favorite toy. Whatever was true for you, we invite you to tell your story and share some photos so everyone else can take pleasure in the legacy and memory of your loved one for years to come!
Your personal memorial page can be viewed anytime by your family members and friends anywhere in the world.

Virtual Memorial and Tribute Samples

Our Designers are hard at work right now creating the new templates you shall be able to choose from!

Get Started! How Can I Create a Memorial or Tribute Page?

Your memorial or tribute page allows family members and friends worldwide to relive the joyful memories, and every now and then learn something they never knew. When you donate a vehicle through Online Car Donation, we will personally create your own unique memorial page that you can devote to any loved one you choose. If you do not have a vehicle to donate but still wish to make a contribution to our charity organization, you may do so in the following ways:

*SOON Enjoy the legacy and memory of loved ones and colleagues created by our generous donors

Memorials and Tribute Pages and a Pets' Tribute and Memorial section

We thank you for considering Online Car Donation charity organization and look forward to helping you create your virtual memory!


You are a part of our team! because TEAM means Together Everyone Achieves More



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