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Online Car Donation is here to help! Do you want to help us make life easier for others?
If you own a business and wish to contribute to a wonderful cause, we invite you to contact our organization to discuss the different ways you can help. We are always looking to affiliate with auto shop owners and mechanics who wish to donate some time repairing the many vehicles we receive on a daily basis. We have joined forces with a couple of well know car dealerships and have been told that our car donation posters in their showroom actually  make it easier for them to sell cars and they get to take in less trade-ins. We are aggressively seeking new relationships with established car dealership owners and invite you to contact us to begin offering an alternative to your clients trade-in options.

We Don't Just Focus on Auto Related Contributors - All Contributions are Welcome!
Online Car Donation has had long lasting relationships with a wide variety of businesses and individuals over the years and welcomes generous affiliates that support our cause every week. Simple things such as just adding our website link to your corporate website up to truckloads of furniture from Boltz are what make our charity organization the huge success it is today. We also have to mention the extreme openhandedness of the numerous advertising outlets we are affiliated with that provide us with free billboards and radio play. Below we have added some of our extremely generous sponsors for you to patronize. We thank each and every person and organization that has and continues to support Online Car Donation and look forward to speaking with you very soon about how you can help!

A Sample of Online Car Donation Friends, Affiliates and Generous Contributors
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Vehicle Tow Mr Como and Big 810 AM Orlando - Carl is one of the few. A very well respected veteran of the radio industry and for a very good reason. A consummate professional Mr. Como has been in the industry for years and has a long history of giving.
Vehicle Tow Zap - ZAP is the world leader in advanced transportation including electric cars, fuel cell cars, hybrid cars, electric bicycles, electric scooters, seascooters and more..
Vehicle Tow Whole Foods Market - World's largest retailer of natural and organic foods, with over 155 stores throughout North America and the United Kingdom.
Vehicle Tow Logitech - Leading web camera, wireless keyboard and mouse maker
Vehicle Tow Ego Bike - eGO Vehicles manufacturers the eGO Cycle, electric bicycle, motorized bicycle, battery powered scooter, electric scooter, motorized scooter, electric bike, similar to motor scooter, gas powered scooter, segway and vespa
Vehicle Tow Boltz - Solid steel TV and component furniture, cd / dvd storage racks with a satisfaction guarantee. Perfect for the modern and high end home theater.
Vehicle Tow Throwing Toasters - Throwing Toasters combines the hilarious songwriting of Tenacious D with the onstage energy of Barenaked Ladies. The only difference is that all their songs are clean.
Vehicle Tow Orange Koast Kustoms can transform your Car, Truck, SUV, or Bike into a fully Custom Vehicle. They offer everything from billet grills, custom interiors, custom wheels, multi piece wheels, 1 piece forged wheels, custom rollers & custom bike wheels

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It may sound amazing that you can contribute to a great cause by just adding a couple of words and a hyperlink from your website to ours, but it's true! Even if you own a blog and mention our organization and the search engines pick it up, the results from that simple action impact our charity in a tremendously positive way! 

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