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Dayton Ohio is an eclectic little city with a wonderful mix of aerospace, technology and industrial influences. Among these influences are some great charitable movements that help keep the philanthropic wheels greased in Dayton. One of the ways that you can help support these charities are through a car donation. Did you realize that a Dayton car donation can reap great rewards not only for the charities but also for yourself? Itís true! Not only will you gain your garage or driveway back when you donate car Dayton, but you could earn a nice fair market value tax deduction as well which is great for the income tax filing season. Of course, a charitable car donation can reap great benefits for worthwhile causes in the Dayton community as well. Music programs for children could be supported as well as literacy programs to teach adults how to read. Food banks, homeless shelters and even a direct donation to a needy family or struggling nonprofit is a possibility. Rest assured that we, at, screen these charities to ensure that everything is on the up and up and that they are deserving of your generosity. Your Dayton car donation has the potential to help so many people; that is something to feel good and proud about. The best part of the whole car donation process is that also accepts truck donations and boat donations. If you have a motorcycle, van or RV camper, these vehicles also make great donations. Your Dayton community could greatly benefit thanks to your charitable donation of a car or other vehicle.

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