Minot State University Bowling for Mosquito Net Charity

March 06, 2007 -- MARK REINHILLER In the poorest parts of the world, a simple net is proving to be one of the best defenses again the spread of malaria.

Bed nets cost just under ten dollars to buy and deliver to those in need and can last about four years.

Last night Minot State University students were busy helping raise money for the cause by bowling.

The MSU Intramural league gathered its 160 bowlers and each kicked in a buck on their last night of bowling for the "noting but nets" program.

Intramural Director Wade Ree-ger Regier says this is the first year they've gathered donations for the cause and when the bowlers heard about it they were more than happy to help out.

(Wade Regier, MSU Intramural Director) "The charity that's for mosquito nets in Africa to help children with Malaria. Malaria can be easily stopped by just mosquito nets so they don't have to worry about that when they're sleeping and stuff like that. Apparently it's supposed to cut down the cases by two-thirds by just having the nets."

The money is distributed through the U.N. foundation.

Since the campaign began in 2002 over 23 million bed nets have been distributed in 10 African countries, including Ethiopia, Kenya

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