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Online Car Donation Kid Care Foster Care Program (SM) Announces National Plans for a new charitable fund for Non-profit children’s foster care Charities to reach out to Local Communities.
11.29.06, 09:08 AM PT

As  and The “With Causes” Charitable Network readies for the 2006 holiday season, the organizations today announced that they are launching the online registry to benefit Foster kids’ during the Christmas season and beyond. The initial offering of the “Kid Care” program to the Koinonia Foster care system, a faith-based agency that has been in existence for over 20 years with 30 offices and over 1000 children in placement, they are one of the west coast’s premier foster agencies.

The kids' Charitable gift registry program is the umbrella for all of the community and charitable activities to benefit children during the holiday season and is focused on improving the health and welfare of children as well as making sure that there is a healthy and happy holiday season for all. The most notable of the organization’s activities are directed through the efforts of the “With Causes” Charitable Network both in the United States and abroad. The organization also supports many other charitable organizations and causes dedicated to children, including multiple commitments to those dealing with Foster care and the education of children in the United States and abroad.

"We are finding that we have a great number of our supporters share our passion for giving back to their communities and their children," or Inc. "What we want to do with our foster care benefit program is help them expand their efforts and impact in their own communities and give those interested in the same a chance to direct their gifts both financial and otherwise to these very causes."

Beginning this month, and the “With Causes” Charitable Network will be introducing the program to their affiliates and building out marketing tools and campaigns that can be utilized in the months ahead to benefit their own communities.

"By working together in the right spirit and combining energy, resources and ideas we can all make a positive difference in the lives of these children, what makes it work is having the awareness and importance of meeting the needs of children as a focus and then having the right tools and support to make things happen."

For more information about these programs work and how you can contribute go to or
The organization is currently seeking participants for the coming year as well and invites all interested parties to contact them through or

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The “With Causes” Charitable Network provides charitable works for other like-minded organizations and individuals in the form of endowments, grants, emergency assistance and much, much more.

These organizations may be contacted directly by calling toll free at 1(888) 228-7320
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