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Fergie demands charity shows from cheeky namesake

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York has demanded payback from namesake pop star Fergie for calling her new album Dutchess - she wants her to perform a string of charity concert performances.

Fergie insists she wasn't at all offended by the Black Eyed Peas star's royal links on her solo debut, but she pretended she was during a phone chat with the singer.

Ferguson explains, "She's got an album out called Dutchess, so I ring her up. I don't know her.

"I go, 'Hello Fergie, it's Fergie.' "I said, 'Excuse me, it's pretty naughty using Dutchess on your album cover.

"Right, for that you have to come and sing in a concert and help me build my schools all over the world. How about it?'

"She goes, 'I'd love to do that... My mum and dad are teachers, I would love to help you.'

"Isn't that great. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

"Sometimes you can take things the wrong way or you can spin it and take it the right way and by me picking up the telephone and saying, 'Come on Fergie...' I think it's good."

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