Donate cash, cars, real estate, computers, collectables or even used clothing to charity and receive a tax break.

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Charities do not always get the donation money

Donate cash, cars, real estate, computers, collectables or even used clothing to charity and receive a tax break. Sounds good, but what you may not know is some donation programs are not run by the charities themselves. Many “private” companies tow and sell donated vehicles, collect funds for and even sell many donated items and then are supposed to give the profits to charity.

But charities often get cheated and others cash in? Many “private fundraising companies” handle hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of donations. They tow, salvage and sell vehicles, call you and collect funds and are then supposed to give the profits to charities selected by donors.

Charities do not always get the donation money.

It is sad to say but many non-profits are satisfied even knowing that much of their donor’s gift is being pocketed by a “for-profit” company acting on behalf of what seems like a wonderful cause.

The best advice we can offer is even if it is not that you wish to benefit with your charitable gift; you ask a very important few questions.

Q) Is there a middleman involved? (Car dealers Etc.)
A) In many cases, even if the charity themselves accepts the donation there are hidden costs that drain away at a well meant resource that could benefit a more responsible organization. What percentage of their staff is volunteer or paid? Do they have multiple physical locations that increase staff, insurance, lease payments etc.? Are they being good stewards of their funds?

Q) What percentage of a donated dollar actually is spent on a program and not it’s administration or the payment of any “middlemen”?
A) Car dealers, professional fund raisers etc.? In other words, if I donate a dollar to pay for 8 year old Mary’s medical care, how much actually gets to her by the time it leaves the charity’s hands?

The honest answers will surprise you.

Online Car Donation is very serious about delivering your gift in a meaningful way.
We have no “middlemen”, all of our staff are volunteer workers and we keep all overhead to a bare minimum. We are also very concerned that money designated for charitable purposes is delivered as such.

When you donate your vehicle to you can do so with the confidence and the assurance that your heartfelt generosity is both respected and honored.

God Bless You and thank you for your kind support.

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