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Britney Spears Helps Needy Children With Donation

U.S. singer and mother-of-two Britney Spears has made an effort to help needy children by donating 170 personal items from her past.

Included among the donated items from the "Toxic" singer for the Dec. 4 online Christie's auction is a junior high school paper that Spears wrote and now will help benefit the Britney Spears Foundation, Us Weekly reported.

The essay, based on Rex Warner's translation of Sophocles' "Antigone," earned the future pop singer an 88 and will now likely raise between $500 and $700 for the charity, the report said.

Us Weekly pointed out that the 24-year-old singer's paper had the typical spelling errors associated with junior high school students -- ironically the highly publicized Spears specifically had problems spelling "rumor."

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