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Des Moines, Iowa is a growing city known for its financial district. In addition, just like any other major city in the country, it also has its share of charities that need assistance. You can help the nonprofit segment of Des Moines through a car donation. You will reap quite a few benefits from your generosity. When you make a Des Moines car donation, you gain more than a fair market value tax deduction to ease your income tax burden. You also gain square footage in your garage again as well! Plus, the charitable causes that are funded because of your car donation are noteworthy too. Here at, we will ensure that the charities benefiting from your Des Moines car donation all pass muster in terms of legitimacy and needs. You won’t ever have to worry that your donation is lining someone’s pockets. Here are a few of the many Des Moines charitable causes that could stand to benefit from your generosity: vocational programs for veterans, literacy programs, soup kitchens, feeding and clothing the homeless and even food banks. In some instances, we will make your car road worthy and donate it straight to a pre-screened needy family or struggling nonprofit. Helping a family escape the confines of poverty with a car donation is simply awe-inspiring. With a vehicle, the parents could find and hold down jobs and earning a living without relying on public assistance. Really, you have the power to change lives, all with a simple Des Moines car donation. And here at, we will also accept truck donations and even boat donations. Motorcycles, RVs and vans.

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