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Dallas, TX, known as the Big D, does things in a big way. So it comes as no surprise that one of the biggest ways people in the Dallas area give to charity is through a Dallas car donation. A charitable car donation means different things to different people. Some focus in on the fact that they get a great tax break through a fair market value tax deduction. Others zero in on the fact that they donít have to waste time trying to trade in or sell their used car. The bottom line for some however is the fact that a Dallas car donation makes a huge impact for many charitable organizations. Did you know that your Dallas car donation could help supply computers for a childrenís after school program? How about supporting a homeless shelter or feeding and clothing needy families? Your TX charity car donation has broader tentacles than an octopus! In some cases, your Dallas car donation may go straight to a disadvantaged family or a struggling nonprofit. Here at, we screen applicants for these car donations to ensure that the parties actually need the help and that they are being proactive about their predicament as well. Through, your Dallas car donation is not the only thing that is accepted. Your boat donations and truck donations are very much appreciated. So are your motorcycles, RV campers, and vans. In each accepted instance, you can receive a fair market value tax deduction. It is a win-win situation for both you and charities in the Dallas community.

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