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Most people know about the traditional ways to make a donation to a charity. You could give old clothing and household items to homeless shelters or Goodwill. However, what most people donít think about is donating a used car. Thereís great news about charitable car donations. You could earn a fair market value tax deduction which is more than you might get trying to sell a used car yourself. Charities in places like Cincinnati Ohio benefit greatly from your generosity. In addition to a Cincinnati car donation that could earn you a great tax deduction, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are truly making a difference in such worthwhile causes like literacy programs, homeless shelters, vocational training, and even food banks. Here at, we evaluate each charity that requests help from car donations to ensure that they are legitimate enterprises. This screening process helps in such instances when we might make a straight car donation to a needy family or struggling nonprofit. The great thing about your Cincinnati car donation is that it can make a personal impact on one needy family or it can help hundreds of people. In either scenario, you earn your tax deduction and you have the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a difference in someoneís life. Your Cincinnati car donation is not the only thing that we accept here at We accept practically any type of vehicles such as boat donations and truck donations. Motorcycles, RV campers and even vans are possibilities. Now you have even more opportunities than before to make a vehicle donation. donate car Cincinatti

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