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Look to a car donation to make the biggest impact on your contribution to charitable causes. While money always is a winner and a donation of food and clothing helps some charities, a car donation is huge! Not only is it a smart move financially on your part, but the number of charities that you could help with just one car donation is vast. In Charlotte, North Carolina, there are a number of charities that could benefit from your generosity. With a Charlotte car donation, vocational training could be provided to veterans or rehabilitated people. A literacy program could be funded to help older adults learn how to read. A homeless shelter could help many more disadvantaged people on the streets. Your Charlotte car donation will also earn you a fair market value tax deduction which will definitely ease your income tax burden. In addition, you will realize more space in your driveway or garage. As you can see, it is quite advantageous to make a Charlotte car donation. Here at, we screen the potential charitable causes that could be supported by your car donation to ensure that monies would be used wisely. In some instances, your car may go straight to a struggling charity or family that shows extreme need and who would greatly benefit from a vehicle. The bottom line is that many people give to charity because they truly care about making a difference. You can make a difference with your Charlotte car donation or even a truck donation or a boat donation. Other motorized transportation such as vans, motorcycles and RV campers are welcomed as well. Contact today we can help you get started!

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