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Lacey and Oscar from Philadelphia PA writes...

I wanted to find a new home for my sailboat and my friend Oscar had a couple of jet skis and a snowmobile he no longer used. He said he was thinking of just donating them to a charity and I decided I would do it too if he found a good one. Actually took him a week and from what he tells me alot of wasted time on the telephone until he called your charity. He said he had a nice conversation with someone and they gave him all the answers he needed to help him make up his mind as to who we should donate with. Sorry about the marina by the way. Their boat lift broke that morning and I know how inconvenient it was for you to have to come back the next day. I must say though the man who came to pick it up was very nice and made me feel at ease through the 2 days I met with him. Thanks!

Mackenzie from Miami Florida writes...

I learned about you when I was in Daytona for bike week. I was in the market for a new motorcycle and met a custom bike builder that amazed me with his skills. 2 days and 11 conversations later I decided to go ahead and commission him to create my new custom bike from scratch. I joked around and asked him how much the trade in value for my Honda Gold Wing was and he said he would help me push it off a cliff.. Enough said. Cliffs weren't an option because I ne eded to even everything out financially to make way for my new bike. I tried to sell it during the 2 months it took them to create my new bike but everyone was looking to get something for nothing. You know the rest.. I found your site, filled out the motorcycle donation form and the bike was picked up on Saturday. Sturgis here I come!

Quincy from Phoenix Arizona writes....

Why did I donate car with you guys? Simple.. It is nice to see that there is actually a charity car donation program that uses the donation to help people rather than themselves. I run a successful web development company and understand the internet better than most people who are looking to donate. I help clients everyday manage their advertising budgets which include Google and yahoo pay per click accounts. I was doing a search for "car donations" and was surprised to see so many car donation programs advertising the ability to donate car through yahoo and google on their sponsored results which for those not in the know, is located on top and to the right of the search result pages. I logged in to my yahoo pay per click account to see what the going rate was for these advertiser clicks and was astonished with the results!
First I looked at how many times just the keyphrase "car donation" was searched for during the previous month and saw that 450,000 people searched for this combo of words alone. This means the top advertisers have the potential to receive 450,000 visitors per month! Sounds good unless you look at how much they spend per click!
The sponsored result is a system where you can bid against other companies to gain the #1 spot.
Currently every single sponsor / advertiser you see when you do a search for "car donation" is paying over $5 per click.
$5+ is spent every time someone just clicks on their advertising link! The #1 business is paying over $6 per click!
I then did some simple math... If there are 450,000 people searching for "Car Donation" and only 200,000 people, which is less than half, click their sponsored result link, they owe Yahoo 1.2 million dollars for one month!
That is 1.2 million dollars not going to help anyone except Yahoo.
I then repeated the steps above through Google AdWords and found the same exact advertisers which means they owe google 1.2 million dollars also! This to me is what I consider a complete travesty.
(Notice you do not see Online Car Donation anywhere near sponsored search results)

The funny thing is, 2 days ago I was picking my kid up from baseball practice and low and behold our old minivan we donated pulled up next to me. A woman and her 2 daughters got out and they went to the opposite field for soccer practice and I got out to verify it was really my old minivan. A scratch from when I was teaching my daughter to drive was in the same spot and a feeling of complete satisfaction came over me. It is great to see that there really is a charity out there that doesn't waste generous donations from our society on enormous advertising budgets. Honestly I did alot of research on the top sponsors and none of them are an actual charity such as yourselves. They are all businesses setup to play on the hearts of Americans generosity and I truly hope my very long testimonial can impact someone's decision to definitely donate their car though your organization. I am so happy to have found you!


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