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Every person views charitable car donations differently. Some see it as a way to unload a huge burden off their property while others see the gesture as a way to lower their tax burden come income tax time in April. Regardless of how you see your Spokane car donation, just know that many community charities could be supported through your generosity. In Spokane, WA, your charitable car donation could help illiterate citizens in the city learn how to read through a literacy program or perhaps that car donation could help pay for some computers in an after-school program for inner city youth. Here at, we will not only accept your Spokane car donation, we also accept van donations and even truck donations. And if you have a boat, motorcycle or an RV you are thinking about unloading, we would love to talk with you about that too. One of the services we offer is a car donation straight to a needy family or charitable organization. We screen applicants to determine their needs as well as their commitment to staying on a positive track. ensures that your charitable car donation will make the maximum impact in the Spokane, Washington community. In those instances when a lovely collectable or classic car is donated to us, that charitable donation is used in a fundraiser such as an auction, where it can command top dollar for worthwhile charitable works in the Spokane, WA community at large. Here at, we focus is to get the maximum benefit from your charity car donation Spokane.

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