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Memphis, TN is a mecca for many types of music such as rhythm and blues. In fact, Memphis is known as the home town of the King himself, Elvis Presley. Memphis, TN also has plenty of other things going for it such as a generous citizenship that supports many worthwhile charitable causes. You too can contribute through a TN car donation. There are many positives in regards to a Memphis car donation. First of all, your income tax burden for the year is lightened a bit with a fair market value tax deduction on your donation. In addition, your charitable car donation is likely to touch many lives through worthy causes such as those that provide housing assistance to homeless families, literacy programs which teach older adults how to read, after school programs for disadvantaged youth and even food banks. A variety of charities exist that need the help that your Memphis car donation can provide. And here at, we screen these charities and even needy families to ensure that your donation will be used wisely. You can be proud of your contribution to various Memphis community causes. will not only accept Memphis car donations, but also truck donations and even boat donations. Other motorized vehicles such as RV campers, vans and motorcycles make great donations for charitable purposes too. We will handle your car donation or whatever vehicle you may donate quickly and efficiently. All you have to do is feel good about your contribution to Memphis charities. donate car Memphis TN

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