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Houston Texas is a large, diverse, international city with millions of people from all walks of life. The citizens as a whole are friendly and generous with their time and money in terms of philanthropy. You can play a part in supporting charity with the donation of a car. With one gesture, you could potentially touch many lives. On a personal level, a Houston car donation nets you a great financial reward – a fair market value tax deduction, which will ease your income tax burden. There are other great rewards as a result of your charitable car donation. You can make your homeowner’s association happy with one less used car sitting in your driveway or yard. In addition, your TX car donation can go to many worthwhile causes such as after school programs for latchkey children, computers for a financially disadvantaged school, English language programs that help teach resident aliens how to speak and read English and even sports programs to keep kids physically active and away from television. Here at, we screen potential charities to ensure that they meet our standards and will not squander their donation. We want you to feel good about making a Houston car donation. Chances are that you may also have a boat or even a truck that is languishing away in a garage or barn. Did you know that you can donate those too? also accepts these vehicles and much more. Now you have even more ways to support the charities in the Houston community! donate car Houston

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