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Atlanta Georgia is known for its southern charm as well as its charitable causes. Do you ever wonder how those charities manage to stay in operation? It is because of folks like you! One of the most winning ways to raise money for charity is by donating a used car, truck, van or other mode of transportation that may be sitting in your garage or barn. There are many benefits to making an Atlanta car donation. First of all, you receive a fair market value tax deduction which greatly eases the burden come tax time. Second, you can free up room in your driveway, garage or wherever you were storing your car. Finally, the best reason for making an Atlanta car donation is because of all the charitable programs that it could fund. Supporting your local community is important and should be a responsibility to every citizen in some way or another. Now when it comes to your Atlanta car donation, keep in mind that you are not limited to just cars. You could donate a boat, motorcycle or even an RV camper. The proceeds from the vehicle donation go to support after children’s music programs, feeding the homeless or even supporting a campaign to keep Atlanta beautiful. At times, a car is donated straight to a needy Atlanta family that has been screened thoroughly. is the best resource for handling your car donation in Atlanta. Even under the new tax laws, Online Car Donation is effective at garnering the best tax deduction possible for your generosity.

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